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On the twenty-sixth day, the Moon is waning, being in the fourth phase from the last quarter to the new moon. The day is critical, dangerous, and conflicting. You can waste energy on trifles - fuss, chatter, gossip. Rest more, do not contact people unnecessarily, do not start new things. Do not brag, as you will feel ashamed afterwards. Take a sober look at things, evaluate yourself from the outside. Believe me, you can change everything! It is possible to waste money.

Dreams are distinguished by an unusual plot. Today it is impossible to remove teeth, but you can devote time to cosmetic procedures and operations. The energy center is the hips. Symbols of the day: Swamp, Toad. Stones: chrysoprase, jadeite, yellow jade.

Day 26
Today is April 6th.
Moon Age 26.5 days - waning.

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